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First of all, Apple does allow you to search your photos with a vast array of search terms, and it uses machine learning to automatically detect images that match.

Why would that be an FML? My question is this: But seeing those nudes of his ex on his phone has made me not want to attend the wedding. Today I had a nervious breakdown when I browsed his phone's pictures was searching for a snapshot of a document I did when my phone wasn't around and saw almost all of those same nude pictures of my bestie with that other guy and girl on his phone they were shot directly from a monitor not downloaded and were like zoomed on her chest See all FML photos.

Is Apple creeping through your photos and secretly categorizing them based on whether they include your underwear? Please no links, only text posts. Sexy girl hot big boobs. Our comprehensive knowledge base is on the sidebar of our Parent Sub: EternalJoe68Jan 12, In OP's case, it must be hard to give up 14 years with someone and I can't judge her position either way.

I honestly just took them for me and she still got a little butt hurt and probably became suspicious like you are right now. Psychokahn21Jan 12, For you to look through her phone when there was no reason not to other than you were curious is honestly really beta, and is an explicit declaration of insecurity in your relationship.

RedPillWomen is a female space where you're best off not posting. Nudes found on phone. So until you enter the term "brassiere" in the search bar, no such folder exists. Originally Posted by reds37win. I have to wonder why the apparent age of the woman in the photos matters.

It is certainly understandable that this situation raises important questions and conflicts for you. Chalk it up to experience. Words like "underwear," "briefs" or other intimate apparel aren't among the pre-designated terms.

There's no little gut feeling about it. Busty mom tits. Working with women Older RPers, advice for young men starting out? He keeps his phone on him It is free and quick. Whereas, it would at best be "emotionally cheating", which can be as painful more for some people. Send a private message 19 1 Reply. The industry seeks to overcome outdated ideas about "women in tech. I don't have the right to every one of anybody's thoughts or every aspect of their life.

As for the wedding did he ever tell you you were invited or did you assume? One more story — When my husband and I were first dating like 3 months into the relationshiphe went to a wedding with his ex girlfriend.

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Fuck I'm glad I grew out of the blue pill Follow along on Facebook, and Instagram.

You deserved it And it isn't 3. Demetri martin nude. Don't show this again. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. See all FML photos. I don't agree with the assertion that if the nudes are just random pictures from the Internet for masturbation, it's cheating. Nudes found on phone. Regardless, it demands a discussion. As it happens, those photos tend to be a little intimate. Avoid asking questions like "is this alpha" or "is this beta? A relationship does not grant you ownership or the right to every piece of your partners life.

As per my second finding: Jan 12, 2. And you know how girls are. Nina deponca lesbian. I wish I hadn't and have learned I need to act trustworthy as much as I want my partner to. It's really not that hard to be a trustworthy person. But he told her right when they started dating that he had the wedding?

Why is her invasion of privacy being ignored? That means there isn't a folder of your bra photos sitting on Apple's servers somewhere.

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I have known so many guys that had girlfriends more for the fact that they needed help paying their bills and other benefits than because they were genuinely in love with the person. Rule Zero of all TRP subreddits. And by doing nothing wrong I mean its reasonable that a former couple would have enough mutual friends to be invited to the same wedding and also plausible that he would have forgotten he had old nudes.

As do those nudes of his ex on his phone that you stumbled upon. Moreover, in how many cases can it be that a legal adult is charged with exploiting a minor, who also happens to be him?

Well she was more of a friend of a friend, but a few of my mates and I ended up with her phone when we were out, and like mature and considerate adults, we immediately sifted through her image gallery. Erotic xxx girls. While our method of dealing with this sensitive subject may not have been ideal I realize that now it was the best way we felt we could handle it at the time.

I would start to find out what the situation with the break up was and try to have an open conversation with him. But, if you've got yourself a spare iPad or something, log into Messages as her.


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