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Not nearly to the same extent as Himegami, but being reminded of Haruko's, Minori's, and Ms.

Due to her natural athleticism, she's physically the strongest among the main cast. Between his inability to get with any of the girls, to repeatedly being punt-kicked or blasted through windows. News big tits. As Takaki begins to explain her strategy against the Shishigami, Sui warns her of Jigoku's ability to detect sound across great distancess. Chae, Ui Jin Korean. Maken ki naked. It is not my duty "to be protected by others".

By default, since Minori and the rest of the faculty have left the affairs of the school to the student council. She's known for her strict no-nonsense attitude and is a stickler for enforcing proper discipline at the school. Tokiwa, Kentarou Animation Director. They get along so well that they're virtually inseparable.

Seen during chapter 80, when Takeru Yamato reminds her that he knows her face, and just how easily he can kill her. Noted in the Ambiguously Brown entry. Milfs touching pussy. She doesn't hate Takeru, and even gains a bit of respect for him after their first assignment together. They've been left in charge of protecting the school by the faculty, who were the founding members of the original Maken-ki.

She stunned Miyabi by being able to resist repeat attempts to enslave her, via Otohime's new mind control method. Like the time she got plastered along with everyone else at the beach party, in the first OVA episode. Their rivalry comes to a head in chapter It's a wonder how she recovered from it and remains smiling afterward. They're all high-level ability users, ranging from B to S-rank, and three of their members each possesses one of the 8 Original Maken.

Said with hearts while defending Takaki from Takeru Yamatoduring chapter Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Would you believe that ditzy girl who smiles all the time is a ninja and possesses one of the original 8 Maken?

She enjoys cosplay, but says she doesn't get to do it often since there aren't many characters she can cosplay as. The one he has in Except it worked too wellcausing Takaki to think Azuki was a guy and fall in love with her! My duty is to protect the students of Tenbi Academy! While Himegami has aided them on occasion, she isn't part of the student council. Seen during the OVA, when Haruko unintentionally shoves Takeru onto Takaki, causing him to accidentally kiss her cheek.

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Which is how he finally learned how to break the Ama no Iwato seal: He tried to take photos under her skirt, causing her to stomp on himdue to her phobia. Would you believe that ditzy girl who smiles all the time is a ninja and possesses one of the original 8 Maken?

Feminine Women Can Cook: In short, she's the head of Intel, a task befitting her skills as a ninja. Nude massage tube. Except in Uruchi's case, it was more like shouting it while practically jizzing herself: As a second year student and the academy's combat specialist, she has immense physical strength and excels at martial arts.

The upper-right panel of pg. Hidaka, Rina Theme Song Performance. With Hawk activated, she moves faster than the eye can follow and can even create solid walls of air chapter It's for the sake of you being nude underneath my shirt. Everyone Can See It: It turns out she's a pro at online quizes when Hai tells her player ranking places her in the Top 2 at Tenbi and in the Top 10 nationwide.

The camera pans up her body to show she's in a leather outfit, armed with a whip. Nonetheless, she's one of their highest ranked ability users and possesses Habaya: She's tough as nails and excels at unarmed combat, but she secretly likes stuffed animals and enjoys working at the Macaroonwhere she uses a girlish flirt pose to greet customers.

Confirmed to be a foreigner, but it's never specified from which country. Seen when she uses it to bring Himegami back to life. Maken ki naked. Erotic lesbian video clips. Charles Atlas Super Power: Shinohara, Aiko Color Design. Takaki is shown blushing, while arching her back and biting down on her finger.

She's usually one of the shrewdest characters in the series and, in chapter 79, she even manages to swipe a security card without her captors being aware of it. Because they're like-minded, they hit it off as friends almost immediately, with Usui often acting as "the brain" in their schemes to see the girls naked.

When she reports back to Takaki and Yuuka, she tearfully admits she wasn't mature enough to become one of them. Thereby greatly enhancing Azuki's speed and attack power.

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